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Kendi Britton of No Limit Motorsports
Not everyone knows just how important this Britton is to the existence and success of the Jason Britton and No Limits brand. Kendi Britton is a woman who wears many hats and she looks great regardless of which role she is in. She manages a full-time career, a full-time husband and business and a keeps her beautiful blended family of four children on task.
Jody 'Sharkbait' Heminway Profile
I've known Jody for some time. She is like a little puppy with so much energy. She is constantly on the go, super creative and loves to stretch her little legs on bigger bikes. She may be under 5 feet tall, but don’t misunderstand, this gal can put the pedal to the metal just like the rest of us.
Jenn Jaynes Profile
Jenn eats, sleeps, works and dreams about sportbikes. If you have talented sportbike riders in your area that are pushing it a little too hard on the local twisties, Jenn can tell you how to encourage them to take it to the track. Jenn hopes to meet Pro AMA Racer Melissa Paris some day soon. I think a So Cal sportbike lunch is in order.
Carla King Profile
I've had the chance to be on a motorcycle the same day as Carla in the same city for a new product press event, but that hardly counts with a lady rider of this caliber. One day I hope to join Carla for what she might see as a small-scale adventure. I'm not sure I am ready to circumnavigate the globe, but I would love to follow her along some of her favorite domestic routes.
Rachael Westfall Profile
Rachael Westfall never ceases to amaze me. I met her in 2007 when we hired her as the first female Kawasaki public relations shop assistant. She has been on the gas ever since. On the outside, Rachael Westfall appears petite and unassuming, but give her a toolbox or put her on the racetrack and you had better watch out.
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